• Learn How You can Lead from the Heart

    Bring out your team's best & create lasting loyalty with this special program from Mark C Crowley

  • Lead from the Heart with Mark C Crowley

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    Hi, I'm Mark Crowley.


    In my 25 years guiding individuals and teams to achieving record breaking sales & profitability performance in the financial services industry, I focused my leadership on the most authentic driver of human engagement there is — emotional connection.


    Gone are the days of bossing people around, and using threats and micromanagement to control your teams. To navigate today's challenges, you need a team that believes in you and each other. You need team members who want to bring their best every day and help you and the company succeed.


    I wrote Lead from the Heart to teach you everything I've learned about turning teams into company-best performers in good times and bad.


    Now, I'm excited to partner with Jason Evanish and Lighthouse Lessons to bring you a super-actionable, 12-lesson course that will help you practice leading from the heart every day with your team.


    You can transform your team's morale, how they work together, the quality of their output, and your relationship with them in just a few short weeks, but only if you join us for this special program.


    We look forward to helping you grow as a leader.

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  • How You'll Learn in the "Lead from the Heart" Course

    Join thousands of your fellow managers who have grown as leaders with Lighthouse Lessons

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    You can improve in just

    15 minutes a day

    Built with busy managers in mind, you can read and act on each lesson in 15 minutes, at a time you choose each week.

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    Take action and see improvement with every lesson

    Every week you'll become a better leader by applying our super actionable lessons

    with your team.

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    Templates make it easy 

    for you to learn & act

    To help you make the most of each lesson + save you time, we include templates you can download where applicable.

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    Join us for Q&A and talk about Leading from the Heart with Mark

    For participants who complete their lessons, you can join 2 Q&A sessions to ask your biggest questions + meet Mark.

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    Grow your managers together with discussion agendas

    Receive a group discussion agenda each week to build bonds + discuss each lesson together when you buy everyone a Group Edition seat.

  • Leaders ❤️ Lighthouse Lessons:

    “This was the perfect mixture of simplicity, insights, guidance, and expertise…at the perfect dosage (weekly).

    I also loved the additional resources you curated for the program via books, videos, podcasts, and more, so that I had additional paths to continue learning about what you were teaching me.

    I have enrolled in other leadership programs, and this one stood out as the most helpful and actionable in helping me navigate the unique challenges of leadership roles.”

    ~ Daniel Mecha Garcia, Section Lead Engineering at Roche

    "At first I was a bit skeptical about my team leaders and I meeting each week to discuss these lessons. However, after just a few weeks, I saw them as essential to the ongoing discussion about transforming our culture to lead from the heart.
    Our leaders were excited to have a dedicated time to discuss their challenges. Seeing how everyone supported each other was also a powerful way to deepen everyone’s learning and help them rapidly grow and improve as leaders.”


    ~ Chris Radford, President of Advisors Excel Wealth Management

    “For the “golden nuggets” and amazing price of this course, I would definitely recommend this program for anyone trying to grow their leadership skills.”


    - Laura Knight, Electrical Engineering Manager, Nortek Control

    "You have to lead yourself before you can lead others. This course has helped me to continue to get better every day, so I can be a better manager for my team."


    - Kevin Fye, Production Supervisor, GLC Minerals

    "This program is more practical than my MBA classes --- it levels up your management mindset.


    The Lighthouse team curates research and best practices from the industry and distills it into snack size, actionable pieces, which I have already seen lead to positive changes in my team’s behavior.


    - Jonathan Silva, Director of Customer Success, Axosoft

    "This program is full of valuable and actionable lessons on how to be a better leader and manager.

    It also offered our managers, across departments and teams, the opportunity to build camaraderie and grow together as a peer group.”


    - Nathan Broslawsky, VP Engineering, SmugMug

  • What You'll Learn in the Lead from the Heart Course

    All the wisdom from Mark & his book plus the practicality and actionable advice of Lighthouse Lessons

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    Each week, you'll receive one bite-size, highly actionable lesson you can apply right away

    • Lesson 1: Understanding the Heart & Why it Matters for Leaders
    • Lesson 2: To Lead from the Heart, Start with Yourself
    • Lesson 3: Understanding the Hearts of Your Team
    • Lesson 4: How to Build a Foundation of Working Together from the Heart
    • Lesson 5: Using Your 1 on 1s to Consistently Lead from the Heart
    • Lesson 6: The Most Powerful Leadership Practice of All
    • Lesson 7: The Many Ways to Practice the Most Powerful Leadership Practice with Your Team
    • Lesson 8: How to Coach from the Heart to Bring Out Your Team's Best
    • Lesson 9: 3 Essential Mindsets You Need to Lead from the Heart
    • Lesson 10: How to Grow Everyone on Your Team even with Limited Time & Budget
    • Lesson 11: How to Hire from the Heart to Build an Amazing Team
    • Lesson 12: Building Lasting Loyalty & Your Legacy as a Leader

    Plus Q&A with Mark Crowley to answer your biggest questions.